Beach Boys vs. J Dilla en Frances

Very few things have floored us here at impossible city. I mean the kind of stuff that has your walking creep to a crawl, mouth agape, scratching your head with a quizzical look on your face to finally stop dead in your tracks with an ear tilted listening to true science. This said moment is one of first discovery; that of stumbling upon a million dollar idea that will save the world. A sound or idea-way of thinking-that should have been yours; it was so simple yet so untapped. Well, this week we definitely had one of those and were completely happy and content on the finding.

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Friday Finds

Some quick news alerts:

Impossible City, and it’s residents, are big fans of Sigur Ros and now it seems that one of there own, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson, has reportedly been aquired to score the soundtrack for Irish director Neil Jordan‘s next film, Ondine. Jordon (The Crying Game and Interview With A Vampire) has also got star Colin Farrell to star in it and is said to be about an Irish fisherman Continue reading

Wilco’s New Album Nearly Finished

wilcoskybluesky_580According to a spokeman for Impossible City mainstay Wilco, has confirmed that thier follow-up to 2007’s Grammy Nominated Sky Blue Sky should be available sometime in June!
Appearantly they recorded much of the yet-to-be titled album last month in New Zealand whilst contributing to the new project Neil Finn‘s,  of Crowded House fame, has been working on. The final touches are being completed now at their “Under-World Famous” Chicago studio, the Loft. Continue reading

The Helio Sequence Had to Lose Their Voice to Find It

There are mountains upon mountains of Indie rock reviews that could be summed up with the words “music’s great, singer’s bad.” The Helio Sequence— up until now considered a good-not-great duo on Sub Pop and Cavity Search— buck this trend like a colt with a elastic strap snuggly pulled around his abdomen. They serve as Impossible city’s pick as the Band of Horses of this extremely cold Southwestern Winter of 2009.  Brandon Summers, the band’s frontman, is a compelling, economical, and technically sound vocalist who can, and does, carry the band’s fourth album, Keep Your Eyes Ahead, to an almost repetitive play must on most audiophiles players of choice.

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