50 Cent Gives Away Eminem’s 1st Release For Free

eminem_cent240Eminem’s extremely rare first album is being given away online, but not by Mr. Mathers. Infinite, independently released in 1996, is now available for free download from a website owned by 50 Cent. –Here’s the blog post’s title:

“Eminem: Relapse – The Official Countdown” – Day 24 – Eminem’s 1st Album “Infinite” [1996 RARE Album] [FREE DOWNLOAD – Link Inside]

hmmmm there has to be more to this (link after the jump)

This “give-away” certainly does not seem that professional. “This rare album is a MUST have for any Rap [sic] fan,” reads the blurb on 50 Cent’s This Is 50 website, which offers Infinite as an MP3 using the ad-supported download service zShare.

Recorded four years before The Slim Shady LP made Eminem a star, only 1000 pressings of Infinite were ever made. “It sold maybe 70 copies,” Eminem has written in his autobiography. Infinite has since been out of print and you can find some copies of the album online for about $175.

Whilst speaking to Vanity Fair in 2004, Eminem explained how Infinite‘s reception guided his future career.

 “On [Infinite] you can hear the pain and the woes of just growing up and being poor and having a baby on the way. Obviously, I was young and influenced by other artists, and I got feedback that I [sounded a lot like] by Nas and AZ, another rapper who was down with Nas at the time. I started taking all the feedback and started throwing it back in my music: ‘Yeah, I am white trash, I am whatever you’re gonna say about me.’ Somehow started taking the disadvantages and used them to my advantage. I reached a point where I stopped caring what people thought about me. And the second I stopped caring, people started caring about me.”

No word yet on whether Em has approved the release/leak of this yet. Though his new album, Relapse, is to be released next week, no reissue of Infinite has been announced. He is whoring himself all over TV this week in some good ‘ol 20th Century Music Industry Promotion…

here is your file

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  1. […] Grund zum Feiern hat Eminem heute allerdings nicht nur deswegen: Am 12. November 1996, also vor genau 22 Jahren, ist nämlich sein offizielles Debütalbum „Infinite“ erschienen. Davon wurden gerade mal 1000 Exemplare hergestellt, von denen sich wiederum nur etwa 70 Stück verkauft haben, wie man unter anderem hier nachlesen kann. […]

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