Friday Finds

Some quick news alerts:

Impossible City, and it’s residents, are big fans of Sigur Ros and now it seems that one of there own, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson, has reportedly been aquired to score the soundtrack for Irish director Neil Jordan‘s next film, Ondine. Jordon (The Crying Game and Interview With A Vampire) has also got star Colin Farrell to star in it and is said to be about an Irish fisherman Continue reading

Andrew Bird w/ Loney dear 2.18@ The Orpheum

109716During the cab ride from our extremely-reasonably priced room at the Westin Hotel Bonaventureto the night’s show my wife and I sat in silence. Anticipation was sitting in between the two of us in the back seat, while Spontaneity was riding shotgun watching the fare climb. We were definitely excited and had not been able to stop whistling all day. Hopefully we were not the only ones who had been awaiting the arrival of the man that had been whistling away on our stereo at home and his wonderful violin skills at The Orpheum Theatre. Continue reading