DJ Don’t Be a Hero

Well, it looks like the long large arms of the digital music and gaming industry have finally reached out and are preparing to give a giant bear hug to something very near and dear to impossible city: the Turntable. Activision and RedOctane have finally decided to release the first official details on DJ Hero. The press release made no mention of the rumored “mash-ups” between rock and hip-hop mentioned in early DJ Hero reports, nor does it say anything about the supposed inclusion of guitar controller support for competitive DJ vs. guitar battles and virtual Limp Bizkit or Korn flavored horrible-ility that was the early 2000s. It does, however, include the first-ever image of the game’s turntable peripheral (pictured after the jump), as well as a brief rundown of the genres of music you can expect from DJ Hero; a little electronica, dance, hip-hop, R&B, and Motown.

099While there is no mention on HOW to play the thing, or it’s limitations, we here at impossible city are sure that even though there may be some Technics sitting in the garage, there will be one of these thing in the living room ready to let everyone cut up like the best of them.

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