Eddie Vedder Totally Gets Jack Johnson…Now.

jack and ed

jack and ed

We were on an ill-fated canoe trip. We were sailing, and we flipped over in a channel. That was quite the little adventure. But we survived that. But, it got kind of life-threatening for a bit. The coolest thing about it was that we were floating in the water – big ocean swells, lot of wind – and we’re bobbing along out there and the mast is pointed straight towards the bottom of the ocean. I didn’t know if we were going be able to upright the deal. And I looked over at Jack and thought, ‘Well, I’m in the water with Jack Johnson, so I was gonna be okay.’ And it turned out he looked over at me and I had a smile on my face, so it made him feel like we were gonna be okay, too. So it’s interesting how you can give each other confidence even though the situation is a bit dire.” Continue reading

Wilco’s New Album Nearly Finished

wilcoskybluesky_580According to a spokeman for Impossible City mainstay Wilco, has confirmed that thier follow-up to 2007’s Grammy Nominated Sky Blue Sky should be available sometime in June!
Appearantly they recorded much of the yet-to-be titled album last month in New Zealand whilst contributing to the new project Neil Finn‘s,  of Crowded House fame, has been working on. The final touches are being completed now at their “Under-World Famous” Chicago studio, the Loft. Continue reading

King me! I’m Vinyl

It seems that the “Record Nerds” that converge in a community center in Downtown Buena Park every month for the Vinyl Shows,  Impossible City included, are way ahead of the curve here. Or is it behind the future? Back to the fu??ture… Anyway, as recent studies have shown, vinyl records are the “new” savior of a declining music industry by actually being profitable. Probably because it’s hard to steal an LP online, let alone in a store. Try walking out of a Thrift Store with Crisis? What Crisis? by Supertramp (right). Virtually impossible! Continue reading