The Unfestival

12Not surprisingly most of what is written out there in the interwebs about music around this time has to do with SXSW, or the South by Southwest festival. For all those who do make it out there and “live blog” and twitter themselves away, there are millions that don’t show up in Austin. While those at SXSW are generally too busy twittering to actually listen to the music they are hyping before the hype, some that will not attend the event have started their own “Unfestival” if you will.

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As SXSW Approaches Tomlab Teases

sxsw2009With SXSW starting up next week there are bound to be numerous “Parties” and “Release Parties” and “Special Release Sponsored by:” things all over Austin. Impossible City has been told that even Rachel Ray has a Sponsored event–Rose’s Mojito and Rachael Ray’s Feedback. Well there are sure to be many a post in the next coming weeks all over the interweb about the neverheardof bands that you will never hear about ever again. Like… Continue reading