Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Elvis Costello and Eric Clapton

oberstWhen one goes from a band or group onto their own solo project, or side project, it seems it goes one of two ways. Over-hyped or under appreciated. Eric Clapton did just fine without the rest of Cream-well they all kinda did, but Art Garfunkel did not reach the same level of success as his partner Paul Simon did after they split. Saying that Elvis Costello would have not been Elvis Costello without the “Attractions” is like saying that Conor Oberst isn’t himself a star without the “Mystic Valley Band.” In Mr. Oberst’s new release Outer South, slated for May 5th, he proves that either way he still has some weird sorta familiarness to his sound that may just pan out or has it already? Continue reading


Beach Boys vs. J Dilla en Frances

Very few things have floored us here at impossible city. I mean the kind of stuff that has your walking creep to a crawl, mouth agape, scratching your head with a quizzical look on your face to finally stop dead in your tracks with an ear tilted listening to true science. This said moment is one of first discovery; that of stumbling upon a million dollar idea that will save the world. A sound or idea-way of thinking-that should have been yours; it was so simple yet so untapped. Well, this week we definitely had one of those and were completely happy and content on the finding.

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Doom’s New Album Goes Well With a Ham on Rye

doom-753530The Underground Hip-Hop scene is laying in-wait for the new LP from a true master: DOOM (formerly MF Doom). His new album Born Like This., Lex Records March 24th, features contributions from two of Wu-Tang’s members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon as well as the beats of the late genius J Dilla. Thom Yorke recently remixed the sleazy single “Gazillion Ear” and a Jake One-produced “Ballskin” has been blogged about more lately than Kid Cudi’s retirement. The true surprise, at least here at Impossible City, is another collaborator featured on the record.

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Musical Chicken and Waffles


Not knowing what a chicken should dress like or if said well-dressed chicken would  be an authority on Jamaican Roots Reggae was not what we here at Impossible City were thinking would come to head whilst looking for something to stick in our ears out here in the west this weekend. Wow! What a sentence-anyway we stumbled upon this delicious artist and could not be happier.  Dr. Alimantado’s Best Dressed Chicken in Town (1978) has to be one of the finest Jamaican Roots albums we’ve heard in a long time.  It is loaded with dub and aided by the presence of dub legends Lee “Scratch” Perry, King Tubby, and Scientist. With tracks recorded from 1972-1977, the deep-fried dub goodness is finger-licking and finger-snapping good. So if you aren’t anywhere near Roscoe’s or Long Beach you can still feel the vibe. The waffle and syrup musical equivalent accompaniment after the jump.

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As SXSW Approaches Tomlab Teases

sxsw2009With SXSW starting up next week there are bound to be numerous “Parties” and “Release Parties” and “Special Release Sponsored by:” things all over Austin. Impossible City has been told that even Rachel Ray has a Sponsored event–Rose’s Mojito and Rachael Ray’s Feedback. Well there are sure to be many a post in the next coming weeks all over the interweb about the neverheardof bands that you will never hear about ever again. Like… Continue reading

Dan Auerbach’ s Debut Album is a Family Affair

danBeing featured in or on just under a dozen bands in the past year wasn’t what Dan Auerbach, one-half of the Blues-Roots Rockers Black Keys, had planned on. Being pulled in all manners of directions with various musical thoughts being floated around inside his head would, for most people atleast, leave him a little scatter-brained. The constant studio time did quite the contrary however, if anything it let Auerbach hone in on what his sound was and display this sound not only for his friends and family, but everyone else too.

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El Prez & Don Danja Bring Back the West Coast Vibe

perfect strangers

perfect strangers

I love LA! Well not really, but Impossible City’s brother city Los Angeles has definitely had their way with many if not all genre’s of music. Acts like The Doors, Guns n’ Roses, Bad Religion, to N.W.A., Missing Persons, Health and Cypress Hill all have taken there particular genres and honey-dipped them in the sunny-slinky landscape that is Southern California. Growing up in and around this particular area, Brian Wilson is God, I have always had an instant connect with the style. I can almost taste the salt water, smell the carne asada and feel the moonlit sand between my toes on a Friday night as we bonfire and listen to The Dove Shack talk about Summertime in the LBC. Continue reading