Friday Finds

Some quick news alerts:

Impossible City, and it’s residents, are big fans of Sigur Ros and now it seems that one of there own, keyboardist Kjartan Sveinsson, has reportedly been aquired to score the soundtrack for Irish director Neil Jordan‘s next film, Ondine. Jordon (The Crying Game and Interview With A Vampire) has also got star Colin Farrell to star in it and is said to be about an Irish fisherman who discovers a mermaid caught in his net. The soundtrack will also feature songs by Sigur Ros on the soundtrack.

Virgin Megastore  is set to shut down yet another two shops in addition to the Times Square location this spring. That leaves just three shops open in the US. The chain which was once eleven stores strong is set to close both its NYC Union Square Store and San Francisco’s Market St. locations by the end of May and will now only be left with locations in Denver, Los Angeles, and Orlando. As much as we love vinyl here, maybe the “Mega-Store” has had it’s time.

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  1. Good riddance to Virgin ocbeejay, big music chain stores are the enemy. The HMV here in Manchester in the UK used to have a great vinyl section less than a year ago. They’ve now ditched vinyl completely, I think, and you can barely find any music in there for all the games, DVDs, posters and assorted crap. It’s a supermarket that sells some music-related stuff. Nothing wrong with that, but for me they’re not really a proper music retailer.

    Good independents like Picadilly Records, Fat City and Eastern Bloc still sell a lot of vinyl so there’s obviously a market – maybe not enough for the mega-stores, but you know, fuck ’em.

    Angry Nerd of Chorlton-cum-Hardy

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