Deer Tick – Born on Flag Day

deertick - faded impossible city Upon first listen, the men that form Deer Tick sound as if they have been hitting the road, playing clubs, and living hard for years now. The rock-kickin gravel-tinged vocals and swirling delta blues-y guitars lend to the band a certain kind of road-weariness one would associate with a hard drinking, 2 pack a day smoking, group of guys that have been living it rough and rugged for years. Then you delve a little deeper and find out that these men…are nearly boys; no one in the outfit is older than 23 years old. Do not let that dissuade your opinion on their hard-livin validity, these guys are for real and their twangadelic sound is IT for 2009!
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Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band and Elvis Costello and Eric Clapton

oberstWhen one goes from a band or group onto their own solo project, or side project, it seems it goes one of two ways. Over-hyped or under appreciated. Eric Clapton did just fine without the rest of Cream-well they all kinda did, but Art Garfunkel did not reach the same level of success as his partner Paul Simon did after they split. Saying that Elvis Costello would have not been Elvis Costello without the “Attractions” is like saying that Conor Oberst isn’t himself a star without the “Mystic Valley Band.” In Mr. Oberst’s new release Outer South, slated for May 5th, he proves that either way he still has some weird sorta familiarness to his sound that may just pan out or has it already? Continue reading

Vote for Warp Record’s 20th Comp

windowlickerWarp Records, the groundbreaking indie label from Britan, is asking their fans to nominate tracks with the biggest “Warp factor” for a compilation album to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. The British label will also be celebrating with a series of special gigs, previously unreleased archive material and other stuff of the years gone past.

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Doom’s New Album Goes Well With a Ham on Rye

doom-753530The Underground Hip-Hop scene is laying in-wait for the new LP from a true master: DOOM (formerly MF Doom). His new album Born Like This., Lex Records March 24th, features contributions from two of Wu-Tang’s members Ghostface Killah and Raekwon as well as the beats of the late genius J Dilla. Thom Yorke recently remixed the sleazy single “Gazillion Ear” and a Jake One-produced “Ballskin” has been blogged about more lately than Kid Cudi’s retirement. The true surprise, at least here at Impossible City, is another collaborator featured on the record.

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Booker T & the MGs and the Memphis-Soul Sound

mgs2.jpgBooker T. & the MGs were/are the originators of the Memphis soul sound and the house band on many Stax/Volt hits, they became one of the most respected and imitated bands of the mid 1960s. The group forged a soulful sound and backed many of the greatest soul and rhythm & blues musicians of the era, including Otis Redding, Sam & Dave, Wilson Picket, Albert King and many others. March Madness has started and our Bracket has Memphis winning it all. In honor of that, today Impossible City will do a focus on the true Originators of the Memphis-Soul Sound: Booker T & the MGs. Continue reading