Musical Chicken and Waffles


Not knowing what a chicken should dress like or if said well-dressed chicken would  be an authority on Jamaican Roots Reggae was not what we here at Impossible City were thinking would come to head whilst looking for something to stick in our ears out here in the west this weekend. Wow! What a sentence-anyway we stumbled upon this delicious artist and could not be happier.  Dr. Alimantado’s Best Dressed Chicken in Town (1978) has to be one of the finest Jamaican Roots albums we’ve heard in a long time.  It is loaded with dub and aided by the presence of dub legends Lee “Scratch” Perry, King Tubby, and Scientist. With tracks recorded from 1972-1977, the deep-fried dub goodness is finger-licking and finger-snapping good. So if you aren’t anywhere near Roscoe’s or Long Beach you can still feel the vibe. The waffle and syrup musical equivalent accompaniment after the jump.

Track Listing:

1. Best Dressed Chicken In Town
2. Just The Other Day
3. Poison Flour
4. Gimmie Mi Gun
5. I Killed The Barber
6. Ital Galore
7. I am the Greatest Says Muhammad Ali
8. Johnny Was a Baker
9. Tribute to the Duke
10. Unitone Skank
11. Can’t Conquer Natty Dreadlocks
12. Ride On
13. Plead I Cause
14. I Shall Fear No Evil

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As for the waffles and syrup


Amplive’s Rainydayz Remixes is a very tight re-imagining of Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Amplive, known for his work as Zion I’s producer, has produced some fine hip hop beats.  There have been many Radiohead meets hip hop creations that listen quite flabby and end up being too soggy, but Amplive’s work is spectacular crunchy gooey goodness.

Too $hort and MC Zumbi of Zion I drop in on the wonderful “Nudez.”  While on the track “Weird Fishez,” there is a new false dub ending and “All I Need” is completely dubbed out.  Three guitar parts are interchanged, including a simple, but effective acoustic guitar, on  “15 Stepz.” Amplive throws in the old panning trick at the end. Chali2na sounds very much like RZA at the very beginning before his verse begins on “Reckonerz.”   Amplive took advantage of his Bay Area connections on this project.  Rainydayz Remixes is one of finest work of psychedelic hip-hop and mixes well with the Roots Reggae on that well dressed chicken.

Amplive’s MPC based production is often rich and, thus, full, but Amp recognizes the importance of having a strong, stable core. Listening to Amplive’s album furthers the desire within to keep learning ableton.  As does, Kutiman’s work, which is simply amazing

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