Georgia’s Brittany Bosco

boscoSavannah, Georgia has been producing superb music and artists for as long as American Music has been American. Always tinged with a little gospel- a little soul,  Savannah and her Big Brother Atlanta continue to surprise not just us here at Impossible City, but those across the Atlantic as well. One such act is Brittany Bosco and she is turning out to be music’s Next-best-kept secrets.  The familiar-yet quite experimental-sound can be found in the music of Outkast and Janelle Monae and now here with Ms. Bosco.

The former Savannah College of Art and Design student (she studied fashion) dropped out of her last semester to move to the ATL and follow her dreams of music. Might have been a good idea considering SCAD’s tuition is a pretty penny. If you are a fan of Erykah Badu, Janelle Monae, Sarah Vaughan, Joi — even Amy Whinehouse (before the mental-breakdown) — Brittany Bosco harks back to a time of crooning, well-dressed folks going out to a show. A certain kind of class. Something we believe is ready for a revial here in the states. While not as spacey as Janelle and not as contriversary as Badu, the pipes on her can bring down the house and the soul can be eaten with a spoon.

Check out her EP Spectrum here. If you were to order it it would look like the picture below. Check her Myspace for more info here.


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