El Prez & Don Danja Bring Back the West Coast Vibe

perfect strangers

perfect strangers

I love LA! Well not really, but Impossible City’s brother city Los Angeles has definitely had their way with many if not all genre’s of music. Acts like The Doors, Guns n’ Roses, Bad Religion, to N.W.A., Missing Persons, Health and Cypress Hill all have taken there particular genres and honey-dipped them in the sunny-slinky landscape that is Southern California. Growing up in and around this particular area, Brian Wilson is God, I have always had an instant connect with the style. I can almost taste the salt water, smell the carne asada and feel the moonlit sand between my toes on a Friday night as we bonfire and listen to The Dove Shack talk about Summertime in the LBC.

El Prez & Don Danja have re-invented and brought back the prominence that West Coast Hip-Hop, Rap really, used to have. Under the donned caps of their beloved Dodgers they bring a vibe once perfected by the likes of A Lighter Shade of Brown, Kid Frost, and Cypress Hill-Latino Rap, or Hip-Hop. The duo has brought back the tools of the pioneers, but has also instilled their own signatures. Slick production and clever samples, MC Hammer gets slowed down and beefed-up a bit on Hammerman and the rhymes are smart and current like “duck like George Bush and size 10s” off the mixtape’s title track .” On TGIF the vibe isn’t Buffalo Wings, Margaritas and more flair but more of that backyard Barbecue with some carnaceria goodness. All in all this mixtape, Hip-Hop albums are for sukkas, is a true breath of fresh air compaired to the Lil Weezys and Mulleted Kanye West over-produced and poorly written records.

A nice pick-up.

Track Listing:

01 Let Go (prod by Dale Danja)
02 Hammerman (prod. by Chex & Cristo)
03 Theme Music (prod by Dale Danja)
04 Curiosity feat. Chris Focus (prod. Audio Crack)
05 Lovely Day (prod. by A3)
06 T.G.I.F. (prod. by Dae One)
07 Inspector Gadget (prod. by Dale Danja)
08 Whatchu Got feat. Shawn Crystopher (prod. by Axl for 1500 or Nuthin)
09 Them Nights feat. Tunji of Inverse (prod. by Dale Danja)
10 Perfect Strangers (prod. by Dale Danja)
11 Floss Angeles ft. Convinced, Chris Focus, DNEZ, and C-San (prod. by Axl for 1500 or Nuthin)(Bonus)
12 Perfect Strangers remix feat. Shawn Crystopher, Picas0, C-San, Convinced, and Chris Focus (prod. by Dale Danja) (Bonus)

Grab Your File Here


We took the pups to the beach today in February  and had a great time….man, maybe I do love LA!

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