I Got Two Turntables and a Microscope

beckJust over a year ago on January 29th, 2008 the genre-confused slow-talking Beck released a double-disc deluxe version of his 1996 album Odelay that includes sixteen B-sides and compilation tracks that been released in the US before, as well as two never-before-released songs from the album’s original sessions “Inferno” and “Gold Chains, produced by The Dust Brothers, of the best Hip-Hop Album ever: Paul’s Boutique fame. (Which incidentally has been re-issued as well and the Vinyl is definitely being added to the Impossible City Archives.) The second disc also includes remixes by Mario Caldato Jr., Aphex Twin, and U.N.K.L.E., plus “Burro,” a Spanish-language rendition of “Jackass” recorded with a mariachi band. Sound’s pretty sweet, huh? Well, soon to be a collector’s item, the initial run of Beck’s aforementioned tenth anniversary edition of Odelay was mistakenly shipped to stores with a lyrics booklet that contained “unproofed lyrics that were taken from a lyrics website.” Or, rather than asking Beck the guy who sang the songs himself, the lyrics were taken, for “layout purposes,” from one of the numerous websites you go to when you want to figure out what Snow is saying in Informer. Beck apologized for the oversight, and is setting up arrangements to provide anyone who purchased the incorrect lyrics booklet with a true and corrected version, free of charge. Some at Impossible City wouldn’t notice the incorrect lyrics. “She’s alone in a new delusion” even though it is “She’s alone in the new pollution.” He may indeed have a Microscope and a couple of record players.

Found down an old alley in Impossible City is a live set from KCRW 89.9’s Morning Becomes Eclectic in Santa Monica, CA 10.31.06

01. Intro
02. Motorcade
03. Cell Phone’s Dead
04. No Complaints
05. Movie Theme
06. Interview
07. We Dance Alone
08. Nausea
09. Dark Star
10. Strange Apparition
11. Think I’m In Love

Recorded weeks after the release of The Information in 2006.

Here is your zip – comments and thank yous always welcome

**Double bonus awesome action!

Complete Odelay Re-Issue files here   Part 1  –  Part 2  – Part 3

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